Wine in Cans

We have installed the UK’s first wine canning line at Greencroft Bottling.

We have invested over £2million to launch the first operational system in the UK to contract pack wine in cans.

Our filler has x21 valves and a three head Ferrum Seamer, with filler speed of 17,000 cans per hour. We can fill 187ml, 200ml and 250ml slimline can formats. And, we have capability to fill both still and sparkling wines.

Like every successful business, we constantly invest in our equipment to guarantee we’re offering the best service possible to our customers and ensure we have the correct technology in place to meet future market demands, working across the various formats our customers’ customers wish to purchase.

Canned wine consumption is growing at a rate of approx. 6% year on year in Western Europe[i]. The can is a format consumers are familiar with, whether through soft drinks, beers or ciders. It’s an uncomplicated packaging solution which resonates across all age groups and lifestyle choices – the environmentally conscious millennial through to Baby Boomers and Gen X-ers seeking both convenience and variety.

The investment in our new canning line has been substantial, sourcing the best technology available and taking our time to do it right – we’re a family business looking to the future so it’s imperative we do things once and do them well.

We’ve installed a KHS Innofill Can C filler which features:

  • Compact monoblock
  • Valve manifold integrated into the frame in a compact design
  • Hygienically designed filler carousel accessible for cleaning, disinfection & maintenance
  • Electromagnetic inductive flow metering for exact filling volumes
  • Hygienic, flavour-resistant seals in the filling valve


The quality of the end product is paramount so we’ve built in high tech monitoring systems throughout the process:

  • X-ray fill level detection
  • Filler / seamer monitoring system
  • Dedicated CIP unit
  • High definition double seam analyser
  • Ionised air

We also have camera inspection for the empty cans prior to filling , as well as lot code inspection on the filled cans ensuring full traceability.


[i] source Euromonitor